Industry Leading Talent

Every GoRemoteOffice consultant is thoroughly background-checked and interviewed in the following areas: technical concepts, skillset expertise, critical thinking, coding quality, verbal communication, and reading/writing comprehension. Our hiring team ensures we retain only the best, most qualified talent.

Staff Entire Software Teams

Whether you need one developer to fill a resource gap, or need to staff an entire software team - we've got you covered. From business analysts to architects to cybersecurity specialists to software engineers, we've got what you need.

Powerful Software

The GoRemoteOffice project management platform empowers you to track progress, monitor work, communicate with team members, and manage complete software teams. With the combination of our platform and our Project Support Engineers, you will have confidence that your project will be managed effectively.

Hiring a Consultant


You are in complete control. Define how many hours per week, how long the contract last, and what the responsibilities are. We will provide you with a proposal containing a hand-picked list of highly qualified developers that fit your requirements.



After you have reviewed the proposal and selected a developer, you have the option to personally interview each consultant before hiring. Even after you hire you're consultant, there is a 14 day trial period where you have the flexibility to opt-out. Guaranteed no surprises.



Our management platform will help you collaborate with your consultant by organizing and assigning work, and tracking progress. As soon as work begins, our dedicated team of Project Engineers will be there to help get your project setup and ready-to-go.


How We Screen Our Consultants

Consultants are thoroughly screened and interviewed to ensure that we only hire the best talent.

Resume Screening

Our Talent Acquisition Team reviews every single resume that is submitted to hand-pick truly talented junior and senior developers.

Background Check

A background check is performed on each and every applicant to validate employment background and criminial history.

Technical Examination

Every consultant takes a formal technical examination to evaluate their level of knowledge and degree of skillset expertise.


After passing the above steps, we perform an individual phone interview for each consultant to better understand their critical thinking.

Feedback Ratings

As our consultants are able to build their portfolio and receive positive feedback, they will gain the flexibility to adjust their rates; but only once they have proven themselves to win confidence.

Manage and Track
Software Teams


Easily organize projects and track all tasks, issues, and milestones. Getting work completed is made simple with the ability to assign work to both on-site employees and off-site SMEs.



You can easily monitor all work logged on a project and identify where the effort is going. When issues arise or roadblocks are reached, our project tracking tools will allow you to quickly find support and keep progress moving forward.



Integrated into the platform is a complete messaging system, allowing you to track communication in a secure and organized interface.



Users have the ability to personalize their experience, whether they are in office employees or off-site consultants. Feel like you're on a colocated team, even when you're miles apart!


For Companies

Complete Teams

Our business anaylsts will gather requirements, create tasks, and set milestones. Once the framework for the project has been established, our project manager takes over and begin assigning tasks, distributing work, and setting deadlines. Our software developers begin development, tracking all logged hours and what tasks were worked on. Finally, the completed work will be tested and reviewed by our testing team to ensure that the finished product is up to the highest standards of quality. We staff every project role including architects, cybersecurity specialists, and much more.


Quickly react to changes in demand with our project management platform. As work increases, you no longer need to worry about managing employee bandwidth, waiting through the long hiring process, or postponing projects - now you can quickly recognize resource constraints and staff up to a complete software team within hours, not weeks or months.

Skill-Specific Talent

During the requirements gathering process, our business analysts will be able to identify the specific skills that are needed for your project. When the time comes to assign developers, we will individually match tasks with a highly skilled consultant that aligns with the necessary skills. We will support an end-to-end range of technologies, spanning from database administration to middleware development to front-end UI design.

White Glove Support

Our trained Project Engineers are ready to help when you need them - if you need project oversight and don't know where to start, we've got you covered. We will analyze your functional needs, create a project assessment, produce a software design, and manage the development efforts of your team. You will review and approve each step of the process, so you can be confindent in the product throughout the entire process.

For Consultants

Build Your Portfolio

Our profile system will help you keep track of all of your experience and work. As you complete project tasks, your professional profile will automatically be updated, giving you a persistent portfolio that manages itself!


You only work when you choose to - it's your choice to decide what projects you want to work on, when you want to take them, and how much workload you want to take on. You are your own manager and can now take charge of your life and your career!

Wages Higher than Industry Average

Due to the nature of consultancy, our technologists are typically paid higher than the industry average for full-time employees. Use this to your advantage by either supplementing or support your primary income - the choice is yours!

Enjoy Your Work

Gone are the days of being placed on the project that no one wants. You now have the power to work in areas that you are passionate about. Interested in web design? You can choose to work with the latest responsive UI frameworks. Interested in middleware? There are endless demand of server-side and middleware focused skills! Roles range from project management, business analysis, front-end development, middleware development, to design and architecture!

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